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This page is a list of events from oldest to newest

Event has passed. Thank you to all that showed up to compete, assist or just support all the White belts! Pictures and results are below.

All White Belt Tournament 

Saturday, August 13 

Information:Weigh Ins between 8AM-9AM. Brackets will be posted at 10AM. Tournament to begin at 10:30AM. All winners will receive medals. We will do our best to keep everyone within a 10lb increment for their division which will depend upon those registered for the tournament. Point system will follow IBJJF rules. No charge for spectators however; the max capacity for our gym is 50 in at one time. 

This event has passed but, congratulations to our members that competed. 

Our very 1st Tournament and everyone did an amazing job from Coaches to Parents and Kids! Pictures and results are below.

NAGA West Coast Grappling Las Vegas, NV 

August 20, 2016 

Kids No-Gi                                                  Kids Gi                                            Adult No-Gi                                    Adult Gi

Dom 2nd Place                                        Dom 1st Place                                 VanRyan 2nd Place                    VanRyan 1st Place

Dev  2nd Place                                        Dev  2nd Place                                                                                       Scott 2nd Place

Luke 2x 1st Place                                    Luke 2nd Place                                                                                      Chuck 2nd Place

Hunter 1st Place

Ikaika 1st Place                                      Ikaika 1st Place

Callen 1st Place                                     Callen 2nd Place

Piper 2nd Place                                      Piper 2nd Place

Skyy 3rd Place                                       Skyy 2nd Place

Rain 3rd Place                                        Rain 3rd Place

Zoe 2nd Place                                    Zoe 2nd & 1st Place

Dominic 2nd Place                           Dominic 2nd & 1st Place

Mahlia 2nd Place                                  Mahlia 3rd Place

JJ 2nd Place

Amyla 1st Place                                   Amyla 2nd Place

Mya 1st Place                                        Mya 2nd Place 

                                                              Justin 3rd Place

Arona 2nd Place                                    Arona 1st Place

Event has passed but, great job to our members that competed! Results and pictures are below

UAEJJF Las Vegas Kids Pro

October 15, 2016

Zion  Champion

Ethan 2nd Place

Dom  Champion

Edwin 3rd Place

Arona 2nd Place

2017 Events

Flex Therapy with Cheyenne Raine. First class will be Tuesday, January 17 from 6-7pm. Cheyenne Raine is a Certified Multi Level Yoga Instructor. Space is limited so, it is requested that all persons confirm their attendance by contacting Matt at (702) 985-6322. Cost is $10 to be paid upon arrival. Beginners, Intermediate, and "Yogis" are welcome and may bring their own mat if desired.

Ruotolo Twins are coming to VBROS!! The deadline to register is Sunday, January 15. Payments accepted are via [email protected], Credit/Debit card in person or via telephone (a sales receipt will be sent to you via email). Please call Matt to RSVP your place now as space is limited.

NAGA February 18, 2017

Everyone did a great job!! We are very proud of all of our members!

NO GI Novice Division                                                   GI Novice

Dylan 2nd Place                                                              Levi 2nd Place

Levi 2nd Place                                                                 GI Beginner

NO GI Beginner Division                                                Ikaika 3rd Place

Hunter 3rd Place by injury default                                   GI Intermediate

Ikaika 2nd Place                                                               Devin 2nd Place

NO GI Intermediate Division                                           GI Expert

Devin 2nd Place                                                               Arona Champion

                                                                                 NO GI Expert Division

                                                                                 Arona Champion                                                              Adult GI Division

                                                                                                                                                                          AJ Champion

3/19/2018-Coach Matt receives his Black Belt. Coach Fina receives her Blue Belt.

April 29, 2018 - JJWL The World League Cup
3rd Place Elite 8 Kids Youth
5th Place overall academy w/ only 26 competitors